"Autumn In The Valley" 1936 CHANLER, Mrs. Winthrop

CHANLER, Mrs. Winthrop

[293] pp.

Little, Brown and Company


9" x 6 3/8"

Autobiographical sequel to "Roman Spring", dedicated by Mrs. Chanler to her 21 grandchildren. This stage of her life begins near 1901 as she and her husband return to Rhode Island, having been in Rome with her father during his last years, and settling his estate. By the volume's "Envoi", her home is Sweet Briar Farm still, outside of Geneseo in upstate New York, where they had raised 7 children. Winthrop had died in 1929 but had served in the Italian Front during WWI a decade earlier. Theirs was a life of grand horseback riding hunts, culture, travel, and established wealth. She writes well of that world and those who peopled it and were their friends.

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