"Backgammon" 1976 MAGRIEL, Paul (INSCRIBED) (SOLD)

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MAGRIEL, Paul (INSCRIBED) To Ben, Best of Luck! Paul Magriel X-22 on FFEP

Known as X-22 on the backgammon circuit, Magriel arguably won more major backgammon tournaments than any other player in the world. He was widely considered the world's premier backgammon teacher, an original and clear-thinking theorist and one of its best players.

The sobriquet X-22 originates from Magriel's simulation of a real backgammon tournament (compare simultaneous exhibition in chess) with 64 boards, designated X-1 through X-64, in which the player designated "X-22" has eventually won.

Magriel first came to prominence on the backgammon circuit when he won the World Backgammon Championship in 1978. From 1977 to 1980, he wrote weekly backgammon columns for The New York Times.

Paul and Renée Magriel (his first wife, later Roberts) wrote two books, Backgammon, widely considered to be the bible of the game, and an abridgement for beginning players, An Introduction to Backgammon: A Step-by-Step Guide

Magriel was featured in the commentary in the televised backgammon series, High Stakes Backgammon, produced from the 2005 World Backgammon Championships held in Monte Carlo. It was the pilot series that led to the World Series of Backgammon and showcased Magriel's oratory skills.

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