"Barflies And Cocktails 300 Recipes By Harry And Wynn" 2008

[112] pp.

Mud Puddle Books, Inc.


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Mcelhone was a defining figure in early 20th-century bartending, most famous for his role at Harry's New York Bar (in Paris), which he bought in 1923. He worked at Ciro's Club in Deauville and the Plaza Hotel New York. He is often credited with inventing many cocktails, including the Bloody Mary, Sidecar, the Monkey Gland, the White Lady, and an early form of the French 75. "Barflies and Cocktails conveys a whiskey-addled sense of zany humor that seems tied to the Roaring Twenties, when the book was first published. The running conceit of the book has to do with the fictional association of International Bar Flies, the rules of which include the admonition that, "Those seeing cerise cats with purple ears should keep it to themselves." 

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