Big Horn Polo Club Labor Day Invitation Matches 1964 Sterling Silver Trophy

Sz: 6 1/2"H x 3 3/8"D at rim

Stamped on underside: Gorham Sterling 272

"The Big Horn Polo Club is located close to Sheridan, Wyoming in the foothills of the majestic Big Horn Mountains and features four fields.

There is arguably no other club in the United States that is as dedicated and devoted to developing horses for polo than Big Horn Polo Club. Nestled at the base of the Big Horn Mountains, near Sheridan, Wyoming, the club has evolved from a culture deeply and passionately intertwined with the horse. The mountainous backdrop surrounded by vast expanses of land cultivates an urgent sense of adventure that is hard to ignore.

Polo was established in the area in the late nineteenth century by English nobleman Oliver Henry Wallop and Scotsman Malcolm Moncreiffe who brought with them thoroughbred horses. According to the Big Horn Polo Club website, “The Polo Ranch, which Oliver Wallop inherited from Malcolm Moncreiffe and in turn handed it down to Senator Malcolm Wallop, was the center of polo in the Northern Rockies until the early 1980's when the ranch was sold. The sale of the Polo Ranch forced the Big Horn Polo Club to find another field.” The search for a new location led to Big Horn Polo Club’s present day establishment at the Big Horn Equestrian Center with a remarkable seven fields.

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