"Birds of Britain" Green, John

Published by MacMillan, New York. Art direction: David Tree.

The Bodley Head


The classic Sixties photographic book, with the iconic dust jacket present. A celebration of the Swinging Sixties and of the beautiful, creative girls that put London firmly on the world map as the hippest place to be. "Birds", beautifully photographed by John d Green, include Julie Christie, Susannah York, Hayley Mills, Dusty Springfiled, Marianne Faithful, Mary Quant and many more.

'Miniskirts and the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and now the Birds. That means girls - feathery and soft, swinging and defiantly independent. London has cracked out of its sober chrysalis into an ultravisual supersonic capital-of-all-the-arts,... London's beautiful girls used to try to look nice - and her nice girls looked invisible. Now the nice girls look exceptional, and the beautiful girls - incredible! The change is one of style rooted in a new attitude, new confidence, and the bravura of the youthquake.' (from the blurb).

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