"Columbia Presents A Night At The Stork Club With Sherman Billingsley" 1941

A Night At The Stork Club. Here are eight selections you would likely hear, if you were dining tonight at New York's fabulous Stork Club, where Sherman Billingsley plays host to his glamorous clientele, and the music and food is plentiful and good. By the number of times these songs are requested of the Stork Club Orchestra they appear to be the special favorites of the celebrities who make the Stork Club their headquarters for after-dark entertainment. Enjoy "A Night At The Stork Club" on Columbia Records.


Excellent Condition

Columbia Records

10 1/2" x 12 1/4"

w/ 4 record sleeves

Track/ Artist/ Title/ Composer:
Sonny Kendis and His Stork Club Orchestra:

A) Stardust Parish/ Carmichael
B) If I Had You Shapiro/ Campbell, Connelly
C) A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody/ Berlin
D) Diga Diga Do/ Fields, McHugh
E) My Blue Heaven/ Whiting, Donaldson
F) Stumbling/ Confrey
G) My Buddy/ G. Kahn, Donaldson
H) You're The Cream In My Coffee/ De Sylva, L. Brown, R. Henderson

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