"Bull Dogs And Bulldog Men" 1905 COOPER, H. St. John

[318] pp.

COOPER, H. St. John

Jarrold & Sons


7.25" x 5"

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Published in 1905, this extremely rare early work on the bulldog is almost impossible to find in its first edition. The author was a highly respected breeder of the day. The book's 164 pages cover all aspects of the Bulldog. Beginning with the history of the breed, it moves on to discuss buying, breeding and showing amongst many other topics. It also features over 60 photographs of champion bulldogs of the day. Included in the original text are a number of adverts featuring stud dogs and dog food - all with additional photographs of bulldogs. This is a fascinating read for any Bulldog enthusiast or historian of the breed but also contains much information that is still useful and practical today.

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