"Cartier Design Viewed By Ettore Sottsass" 2002 SOTTSASS, Ettore [photos by]

SOTTSASS, Ettore [photos by]

[277] pp.



11" x 8 1/8"

Three volumes in red silk portfolio with ties. This catalogue accompanies an international jewelry exhibition. Italian designer Ettore Sottsass presents The Cartier Collection in a brilliant new manner, viewing the collection as a reflection of form and design, while understanding its function and relation with the surrounding space and the bodies it adorns.

The original designs are not displayed, but are featured in the scenography as huge photographic enlargements that, for Ettore Sottass, conjure up the "idea" or "thought: " behind the object. Nevertheless, he felt it was important that the catalogue reflect the jeweler's graphic world. this book contains a selection of designs chosen in synergy with the layout of the exhibition. The combination of actual-size reproductions with enlargements makes it possible to see the act of creation, circumscribed by the ratio of I and the correct proportions it generates, in close relation to the graphic or pictorial technique, which monumentalizes the object or piece of jewelry - thereby mirroring Ettore Sottass' architectural vision. The pieces chosen showcase production drawings that illustrate the unique relationship between design and material. All designs reproduced here are from the Cartier Paris Archives.

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