"Catalogue Of The Porcellian Club Of Harvard University" 1936

[114] pp.

Privately printed for the Club


9 1/2" x 6 1/4"

w/ 15 page brochure of Porcellian Club February Supper 1941 which includes lists of attendees, tipped in rear.

The Porcellian Club is an all-male final club at Harvard University, sometimes called the Porc or the P.C. The year of founding is usually given as 1791, when a group began meeting under the name "the Argonauts", or as 1794, the year of the roast pig dinner at which the club, known first as "the Pig Club" was formally founded. The club's motto, Dum vivimus vivamus (while we live, let us live) is Epicurean. The club emblem is the pig and some members sport golden pigs on watch-chains or neckties bearing pig's-head emblems.

The Porcellian is the iconic "hotsy-totsy final club", with a history of Harvard calling the Porcellian "the most final of them all."