"Club Colours: Old Boys, University, Club And Regimental Colours Pattern Book" 1956

[51] pp./ 808 neckwear swatches in 2 screw binder

James and Edwardes Ltd

Manchester, UK.


10 1/2" x 14 3/4"

“Long experience as specialists in school, club and regimental colours has enabled us to publish this book of authentic patterns.

Many clubs and associations have a Jacquard woven design (widely known as a “crested” design) in addition to the stripe, which is usually available from an appointed relatable.

It has to be remembered that clubs , associations and even regiments change their colours from time to time, whereupon the latest design is supplied. “

Included in this very interesting catalogue by James and Edwardes Ltd. with the date on the inside cover of 17.11.56 this has been owned by a family of tailors since its origin.

Included are as follows:

Old Boys.

University and Colleges.

Oxford colleges and Clubs.

Cambridge Colleges and Clubs.


London Hospitals.


London Regiments.

Indian Army, Dominion and colonial Services.

Air Force and Naval.



A fabulous collection of Colours in a catalogue.

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