"Club Colours: Old Boys, University, Club And Regimental Colours Pattern Book" 1956

[51] pp.

808 neckwear swatches in 2 screw binder

James and Edwardes Ltd

Manchester, UK.


10 1/2" x 14 3/4"

“Long experience as specialists in school, club and regimental colours has enabled us to publish this book of authentic patterns.

Many clubs and associations have a Jacquard woven design (widely known as a “crested” design) in addition to the stripe, which is usually available from an appointed relatable.

It has to be remembered that clubs, associations and even regiments change their colours from time to time, whereupon the latest design is supplied. “

Included in this very interesting catalogue by James and Edwardes Ltd. with the date on the inside cover of 17.11.56 this has been owned by a family of tailors since its origin.

Included are as follows:

1): Old Boys.
2): University and Colleges.
3): Oxford Colleges and Clubs.
4): Cambridge Colleges and Clubs.
5): Clubs.
6): London Hospitals.
7): Regiments.
8): London Regiments.
9): Indian Army, Dominion and Colonial Services.
10): Air Force and Naval.
11): Cavalry.
12): Yeomanry.

A fabulous/ rare collection of Colours in a catalogue.


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