"Cocktails: How To Mix Them" 1950 'Robert'


[112] pp.

Herbert Jenkins


Fifteenth Large Edition

6 1/2" x 3 5/8"

'Robert' of the American Bar, Casino Municipal, Nice, and late of the Embassy Club, London.

One of the most sought-after of (American) Prohibition-era bartending books. Belgian Robert Vermeire's (1891-1976) book may be the first to offer a recipe for the Sidecar, includes various recipes for medicinal drinks (the hot toddy for a cold, absinthe for a headache, champagne for seasickness, etc.) and is also notable for recording the inventors of many of these recipes, when they were known. Frequent reference is made here to the measure known as the "Gill, or Noggin," which the author explains to be 0.142 liters, or a quarter of a pint. And, of course, "Care should be taken to prevent insects from entering the mixing bottles." The author worked at London's Royal Automobile Club, The Criterion, Embassy Club, bars in France and Belgium, and at his own Robert's Bar. Includes (of course) cobblers, coolers, daisies, fizzes, flips, frappes, highballs, juleps, pousse cafes, rickeys, slings, smashes, sours, toddies, etc.

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