"Cowboy Kate & Other Stories Director's Cut" 2006 HASKINS, Sam




14 1/4" x 11"

Haskins' seminal sixties classics, which include the groundbreaking Cowboy Kate, are landmarks in the history of photography, as revered today as they were when first published forty years ago. In Cowboy Kate, a lyrical tale of the triumph of youth played out by cowgirls of the old west, Haskins reinvented the genre of the nude with stunningly well-executed photographs, a cinematic approach, and a subtly engaging narrative. "As photographer Nick Knight noted, 'Haskins' work is often referenced because it offers an untroubled vision of life. There's a joie de vivre, a sexiness and hipness, that designers and photographers are always looking to tap into.' Often copied but rarely equaled, Haskins has an exceptional ability to photograph women with a sensitivity that has won him accolades from men and women alike."--the publisher The 'Director's Cut' is revised to include new and previously unpublished photographs.

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