"Danish Cooking: 500 Danish Specialties That Americans Love To Eat" (SOLD)

Contents of: Wonderful Wonderful Danish Cooking

Part One: Danish Baking 1/ Breads 2/ Sweet Breads, Coffee Cakes, famous Danish Pastry 3/ Desert Cakes and Torten 4/ Cookies and small Cakes 5/ Fillings Frostings and Glazes 6/ Smorrebrod: The open faced Sandwich 7/ Drinks from Denmark

Part Two: Danish Dining 8/ Smorgasbord 9/ Soups: Meat, Vegetable 10/ Fish 11/ Meats and Fowl 12/ Salads 13/ Vegetables 14/ Pancakes, Waffles and Dumplings 15/ Pies Puddings and other Sweets 16/ Candies

Ingeborg Dahl Jensen

Simon and Schuster