Donald Grollman aka 'The Bongo Wolf' 1965 For David Bailey's Box of Pin-Ups (SOLD)

David Bailey b&w photo of Donald Grollman aka Bongo Wolf


Art Sz: 14"H x 12"W

Frame Sz: 19 1/2"H x 17 1/2"W

In bespoke lavender mat w/ Brit racing green

Bongo Wolf was a legendary kooky and colorful Hollywood fringe
eccentric cult figure of the 60s. His real name was William Donald
Grollman. He was the son of a dentist. Bongo wore fake vampire fangs
made out of porcelain, walked with a severe limp, always carried both
bongo drums and several books from his vast collection in a duffel bag
that was known by his buddies as his "Bongo bag," and really wanted to
be a werewolf. A poster of Wolf was available for sale at Los Angeles
head shops back in the 60s. He was close friends with rock singer P.J.
Proby and Andy Warhol factory hanger-on Tom Baker.