"Gerald McCann: Dress Designer 1965 Half-Tone Print Photo For David Bailey's Box of Pin-Ups"

Photo Sz: 15"H x 13"W

Frame Sz: 20"H x 18"W

w/ green lacquer wood frame & lavender mat

Gerald McCann, dress designer, is the Peter Pan of the rag trade: he is in his late thirties but, saucily sporting a Bud Flanagan overcoat, still looks a boy.

He's a clever businessman with a clever tongue. He's a nice giggly and soft person, but he always surrounds himself with tough people!

Gerald McCann (5 November 1931 – 26 June 2019) was a British fashion designer who was considered among the leading lights of the Swinging London fashion scene, alongside names such as Mary Quant, subsequently moving to the United States to continue his career with Larry Levine.

After early commercial success designing for other brands, McCann established his own label in 1963. He attracted the attention of influential US fashion buyers in the mid 1960s and soon began designing for the American market, as well as for key British fashion retailers targeting the youth market. He moved to the US to work on New York's Seventh Avenue in 1974, returning to Britain some two decades later, where he continued supplying UK fashion retailers.

In a profile piece in The Times in 1991, Liz Smith described him as: "a master of high style at low prices". The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) described him as playing: "an influential role in the development of the UK fashion industry". He died in June 2019 at the age of 87.

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