"Duet For Three Hands" 1959 SMITH, Cyril

[224] pp.

SMITH, Cyril

4th Impression

Angus and Robertson


8.75" x 5.75"


"At the height of his success as one of Britain's leading pianists, Cyril Smith, then a member of a company of distinguished musicians touring Russia, was stricken with thrombosis. To those people with some experience of what damage even a slight attack of this kind can do, the verdict of the Russian doctors - 'He will never play the piano again!' - may seem obvious. Smith, with his left arm permanently paralyzed, agreed with his wife, Phyllis Sellick, refusing to accept an undoubtedly expert medical verdict.' Duet for Three Hands,' the delightfully human story of struggles and triumphs, the story of a good courage, strengthened in time bey the devotion of a highly talented wife, reaches a happy climax when a brilliant career is rebuilt with only half the tools."

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