"John Perona's El Morocco Family Album" Zerbe, Jerome [photographer]


Federal Printing Service

Rare society, bespoke title: 'John Perona's El Morocco's Family Album' by the consummate arbiters of early/ mid 20th~century 'escort/ walker' gents' style, Jerome Zerbe & Lucius Beebe!~ This tres~chic, glamourous tome was privately~printed expressly for the 'smart' blue blood, Hollywood/ Manhattan martini; cocktail of choice, swank set who patronized this zebra~stripe, embellished establishment, hence it's still immense, aesthetic desirability! Our (2) pristine, never~seen as glorious as these before, 'presentation' copies chronicling throughout the (62) pp of decadent, b&w photo images replete with tux clad gents along side their oh so swell, posh lady's are still ensconced in their (75) yr old cardboard 'gift' envelopes together with the scarce insert: 'Compliments of John Perona'

2 available