"Elias Chadwell Huntsman- Millbrook Hounds" 1934

9 1/2" x 7 1/2"

Elias Chadwell (1893-1975)

Photo by W.O. (Ted) Adams

Elias B Chadwell Sr, who for 22 years was the huntsman for the Millbrook Hunt. He had retired from the Hunt in Aug 1950, having led the hunt for the hounds every season since 1928. He had left his home in The Plains, VA, in May of that year and moved with his wife and children to Millbrook. When he arrived, he brought with him 15 couples of American Foxhounds, which became the foundation stock of the hounds now in the Hunt Kennels. His son, Earl, succeeded him as huntsman. He was considered a master of his profession. 

Founded in the 1890’s, the Millbrook Hunt is widely acknowledged as one of the premier equestrian organizations in North America and has been a fixture here for over 100 years.

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