"F.M. Allen East Africa 1947 Volume 1 Catalog"

[51] pp.

8" x 6"


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If Teddy Roosevelt were still alive, he’d spend all his time at F.M. Allen, the combination luggage boutique/ furniture dealership/travel agency that embraces nostalgia, adventure, and all things safari. In its large storefront, F.M. Allen celebrates its jungle fever with giant paintings of African wildlife, stacked crocodile handbags and suitcases, and chairs claiming to have been “originally designed for use by British officers in India.” If that’s not enough to furnish your own banana republic, never fear—vintage leather trunks and bedding designed specifically for African and Asian safari conditions are also store specialties. The vast retail offerings may seem impractical until you realize the venerable boutique is also a travel agency that can whisk you (and your brand new luxury luggage) off to a South African preserve, all with the quick swipe of a credit card. And don’t worry if your bags get lost on the plane: F.M. Allen has a post in Nairobi, Kenya, so you can score replacements before flying back to JFK.

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