"Fiorucci: The Book" 1980 BABITZ, Eve

Harlin Quist


First edition

11" x 8 1/2"

[142] pp.

The story of the fashion brand that helped postmodernism to percolate mass culture awareness in the early eighties. Fiorucci opened a mind-blowing New-Wave boutique on 59th Street in Manhattan from 1976-1984. It basically looked like Debbie Harry’s dream closet: fluorescent jumpsuits, parachute pants, high-heeled sneakers and kooky disco clothes from Italy. It was the go-to place for Madonna’s rubber bracelets, Warhol launched Interview magazine with an event there, Klaus Nomi performed in the store window. It was a merging of art & fashion, all in the era of Disco. The book is the next best thing to having been there. A near fine copy in illustrated wrappers, uncommon in this condition. Famous Fiorucci graphics and anecdotes from its heyday, a daytime "Studio 54" experience. Popular with everybody from Warhol, Farah Fawcett, Marc Jacobs, Madonna, Lauren Bacall, Haring, Maripol, Jackie O, Gloria Vanderbilt, Calvin Klein, etc., to the Paninaro kids in Milan. A celebration of Fiorucci fashion and flash.

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