"Fore-And-Afters" 1940 CROWNINSHIELD, B.B.


[100] pp.

w/ 64 plates

Houghton Mifflin Company


11 3/4" x 8"

Bowdoin Bradlee Crowninshield (October 13, 1867 - August 12, 1948) was an American naval architect who specialized in the design of racing yachts. Crowninshield would rise to become one of America's most respected yacht designers during a period now regarded as the golden age of American wooden yacht design. He designed the schooner Adventuress, which was launched in 1913 and has been named a National Historic Landmark. Crowninshield is now best remembered for his working schooners and his America's Cup contender Independence for Thomas W. Lawson. He designed the unique seven masted schooner Thomas W. Lawson, named for his patron. Succinct histories of notable fore-and-aft rigged American vessels, from bugeyes and the Spray, to cargo schooners of all sizes. Derived from a Kirkus review: This is a book for the nautical shelf, and a rather specialized one. "Fore-and-afters" were first used in the fifth century B.C. but this book stresses the American versions rather than the historical aspects. From lateeners and luggers in early days to privateers and merchant ships, cargo schooners, Great Lakes sailing vessels, and modern yachts. Stories of actual ships, long descriptions, voyages, condensed logs -- incidental information for the addict, rather uninspired in the telling. Crowninshield's name carries weight in yachting circles, as leading yachtsman, shipbuilder, naval architect.

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