"Froomb!" 1964 LYMINGTON, John (SOLD)

[224] pp.

Wrapper design by Peter Rudland


Hodder and Stoughton


7.5" x 5"


John Brunt was an irresponsible, thrill-seeking globetrotter. No adventure was too outlandish for him. But then he met Professor David Packard, who made the most outlandish proposal of all … to send John all the way to Heaven—by killing him and then bringing him back from the dead.
Now a cold chill was creeping through Brunt. He was a captive in a terrifying alien land, and his interrogator treated him like a mental case. There was nothing of Heaven here … in fact, it was more like Hell.
And suppose Professor Packard couldn’t bring him back from wherever it was he’d been sent? Suppose he really was dead and had to stay in this world of madness forever?