"Galuchat" 1994 PERFETTINI, Jean

[183] pp.

11.75" x 9"

Les Editions de l'Amateur 1994. First edition., Paris, 1994. Condition: Fine. Cloth-bound boards, dust jacket. 184 pages. Illustrated profusely in colour. 1.3kg. French. Fine; an excellent copy. The definitive book on the use of Galuchat as a luxurious material for objects and furniture. Galuchat, made from shark or ray skin, was named after a Monsieur Galuchat who used the material in the 18th century. Since then it has been employed by many designers and in its hey-day in the early 20th century was used by makers such as Clément Rousseau, Jacques-Émile Ruhlman, Jean-Michel Frank, André Groult and Jules Leleu. Galuchat covers this history and gives excellent illustrations of the designers' work.

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