"Gardens Of Colony And State" 2000 LOCKWOOD, Alice G.B. [compiled and edited by]

LOCKWOOD, Alice G.B. [compiled and edited by]

Volume I: [464] pp.

Volume II: [444] pp.

The Garden Club of America


First Edition

14 3/4" x 10 1/4"

A rare and long out-of-print treasure of garden literature, Gardens of Colony and State returns in a special reprint edition. Widely considered the best reference on garden-making in the colonies and the Republic, the handsome two-volume set is a lasting record of American gardens and gardeners before 1840. The landmark publication traces the development of a uniquely American garden design, exploring early garden literature and its effect on colonial craftsmen, as well as pre-1800 account books of nurseries and seed houses. Also included are fascinating stories of early horticulturists who inspired the establishment and patronage of botanical gardens for research, plant exploration, education, and public enjoyment.

An impressive collection of early prints and photographs—of gates and statues, benches and pergolas, landscape designs and views—invites you to stroll through some of America's most exquisite homes and gardens, many of which have long vanished. Gardens of Colony and State is an important contribution to the historic horticulture of America, and a collector's item to be enjoyed for many years.

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