"Gentlemen Aren't Sissies" 1938 JONATHAN, Norton Hughes

A Modern Guidebook For The Young Man About Town Who Wants To Know His Way Around 

JONATHAN, Norton Hughes

[204] pp.

The John C Winston Company


Second Edition

8 1/2" x 6"

Illustrated by Pelagie Doane

Fine/ Fine

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This early Twentieth Century manners guide offers advice for aspiring Jerome Zerbes and Cecil Beatons. Filled with clever aphorisms, the book covers of broad range of topics, such as traveling by sea (“take your valuables to the Purser and your troubles to the room steward”), attending house parties (“tell your hostess how well you slept, whether you did or not”), and observing proper table etiquette (pretend “you’re not hungry”). Uncommon, and impossible to find in dust jacket.

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