Green Metal c1928 Dayton Tennis Racquet Co "Junior Pilot" Model

Sz: 26"L x 9"W

"Junior Pilot" label on handle


DATE: CA. 1928



Metal tennis racquet with oval head of tubular steel. There is no open throat in that the two sides of the tubular frame immediately descend into the metal handle. The metal handle covers a wood core. The frame is painted green and the grip of the handle is painted brown. The handle has a pebbled surface to resemble leather and ends in a (worn) leather butt strap. The strings are made of twisted steel wire, with a tubular fabric dampener covering the bottom three and top two crosses.

In 1922, a completely new racquet came onto the market. Invented by former champion and Hall of Famer Bill Larned, the Dayton Steel racquets had a painted steel frame and was strung with steel strings. Advertisements claimed the racquet would not warp or break and would eliminate the need of a racquet press. Its streamlined design had less air resistance and made it easier for a player to control. One of the most noticeable traits of this racquet was the high-pitched “pinging” sound made when the ball was struck. The Dayton Steel racquet remained popular with players throughout the 1920s and 1930s.

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