"Hanae Mori 1960-1989" Inscribed to Andrew (Bergdorf) Goodman 1989

Monograph inscribed to Andrew (Bergdorf) Goodman on the title page

replete w/ her elegant Japanese designs

[173] pp.


Asahi Shimbun Publishing Company

14.5" x 10.5"

Hanae Mori (森 英恵, Mori Hanae, /həˌnɑːeɪ ˈmɔːri/, born January 8, 1926) is a fashion designer in Japan. She is one of only two Japanese women to have presented her collections on the runways of Paris and New York, and the first Asian woman to be admitted as an official haute couture design house by the fédération française de la couture[2] in France. Her fashion house, opened in Japan in 1951, grew to become a $500 million international business by the 1990s.

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