"Height Of Fashion" 2000 EISNER, Lisa & ALONSO, Roman [edited by]

EISNER, Lisa & ALONSO, Roman [edited by]

Greybull Press


10 3/8" x 9"


Fashion victims past and present will share a collective shudder when they take a peek at this gloriously campy and unexpectedly touching photo compilation...participants--which included the unfamous as well as Gina Gershon, Sofia Coppola and Dennis Hopper--smugly model such atrocities as ruffled bolero and painfully '80s workout ensembles...yet clearly feel like they've got it going on.
--Entertainment Weekly
It's an anti-fashion book. We love celebrating this time when people feel great about themselves, where they're just oozing confidence.
--Lisa Eisner

The mix is both disturbing and delicious, a quilty pleasure.
--The New York Times

Everyone has one. Their height of fashion. A time in their lives when they felt like they could really knock your eyes out, they were so "on." Maybe it was the perfect accessory or the right shade of blue or maybe it was the genius foresight to combine stripes and plaids. Editors Lisa Eisner and Roman Alonso invited a cross section of the famous and not-so-famous and not-famous-at-all to provide a photo that captured that moment of 'height of fashion." The results range from the hilarious to the sublime, from the ultra chic to the totally un-cool, but always intimate and original. In her introduction New York Times Magazine Style Director Amy Spindler offers not only a look at some of the most incredible fashion moments of the last several decades, but also a peek into the psyche of those who were making fashion fabulous just by being themselves. While focusing on the charm and immediacy of snapshots and vernacular photography, Height of Fashion also includes a sprinkling of contributions from such well known photographers as Jurgen Teller, Helmut Newton, Bruce Weber and Arthur Elgort.

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