"Japanese" 1959 BEATON, Cecil


[133] pp.

The John Day Company


11 1/4" x 8 3/4"

Cecil Beaton brings all his skills to bear in this charming tribute to Japan, it's customs, people and landscape. His photographs are accompanied by calligraphic drawings and his usual witty and insightful musings.

'...Cecil Beaton's camera seems to be held by Japanese hands as he captures lakes and mountains, fabulous blossoming trees, geisha girls and Kabuki dancers, shrines, shop fronts, tea ceremonies, Noh drama or puppet play, cinema sandwichmen or contemporary Japanese writers. His word pictures are no less vivid in circumscribing the life of a people whose language he admittedly does not speak, but whose heart he knows on most intimate aesthetic terms. Here, at long last is the real Japan in photographs and text that will be appreciated for insights as shrewd as any Westerner can hope to have. This book is a rare event.'

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