"Jean Cocteau: A Portfolio Of Fashion & Costume Designs" 1989 COCTEAU, Jean


[31] pp.

The Chelsea Press


Limited Edition #186/ 290

11 1/2" x 9 1/8"


In 1933 Jean Cocteau created a series of sketches for costume designs, clothes and fashions. The 28 drawings were found in a Chanel branded envelope with "Drawings by Jean C." handwritten by Paul Iribe, Cocteau's friend and Chanel's lover. Cocteau knew Chanel well and they worked together on several creative projects in fashion and for the stage. The sketches reveal another of Cocteau's talents, that of costume and fashion designer and carry his trademark fluidity of line.

"This portfolio of 28 drawings by Jean Cocteau, printed in Paris by Alain Tournevill on Rivoli Paper has been limited to 290 copies, numbered 1 to 290 and 10 copies, numbered I to X, containing an original drawing by Jean Cocteau reproduced in the portfolio. In addition there are 35 unnumbered copies. This is copy no 186". The next page has more information in English and French, I'll just repeat the English version; "The 28 drawings inside this portfolio were found in an envelope from the house of Chanel. "Drawings by Jean C." was handwritten on it by Paul Iribe, Cocteau's old friend and Chanel's lover. These sketches, drawn on writing paper, are costume designs for theatre, but also ideas that Chanel used for clothes and accessories. The collaboration between Cocteau and Chanel started in 1925, when they worked together for Diaghilev on the ballet "Le Train bleu". In 1937 she made the costumes for two of Cocteau's plays, "Les Chevalieres de la Table ronde" and "oedipe-Roi". This series of drawings was executed in 1933, when the poet and the designer were close friends. These sketches, spontaneous and yet precise, reveal a hiterto unknown facet of Jean Cocteau, the costume designer and couturier." The Chelsea Press London MCMLXXXIX

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