"Jourdain: Frantz 1847-1935/ Francis 1876-1958" 1991 BARRE-DESPOND, Arlette and TISE, Suzanne

BARRE-DESPOND, Arlette and TISE, Suzanne

[414] pp.



12 1/4" x 9 1/4"

Frantz Jourdain (1847-1935) championed encrusted mosaic and ceramic tiling as the gracious adornment that would mitigate against the harsh realities of modern life. And so he designed La Samaritaine, the department store. Francis Jourdain, his son, designed art nouveau, art deco and international style interiors. And Frantz-Philippe, his grandson, was a modernist architect and member on the Optima Group.

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