"La Cuisine Classique" 1864 BERNARD, Emile & DUBOIS, Urbain

[545] pp.


BERNARD, Emile & DUBOIS, Urbain

Chez les Auteurs

12" x 9.25"

w/ 58 lovely full-page engraved plates of cuisine and table adornments, including spectacular centerpieces

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First published in 1856, this work is considered "the finest expression of the Golden Age of the French grande cuisine" (Britannica). Urbain Dubois and Émile Bernard were arguably the best known chefs of the 19th century. Dubois ran the palace kitchen of the King and Queen of Prussia, and is "credited with introducing the custom of having servants wait table" (Feret, 42). Bernard was one of France's most talented pastry chefs, as well as Napoleon III's personal chef. La Cuisine Classique is regarded as the most important of the six culinary works from Dubois' hand.

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