"Ladies And Gentlemen: For Adults Only - And Mature At That" 1932 BELLOC, H. [verses by]

BELLOC, H. [verses by]

BENTLEY, N. [pictures by]

[53] pp.



10" x 7 1/2"

Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953), a prolific writer and poet as well as an avid sailor; he composed many poems of both comic and serious nature, and he would often collaborate with the noted writer G. K. Chesterton. Belloc wrote several volumes of children's poetry, often for the purpose of parody and humour, and these works brought him commercial success and acclaim. "Ladies and Gentlemen" is a collection of humour poems, similar in style to his poetry for children collected in "Cautionary Tales for Children", although the themes addressed are slightly more mature than what children may understand; it is a satire of society and particularly the upper classes. Illustrated by Nicolas Bentley (1907-1978), with whom Belloc has collaborated numerous times to produce illustrated books of verse, the book demonstrates Belloc's ability to appeal to a diverse audience, of both children and adults.

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