"Lady Behave: A Guide Modern Manners For The 1970s" 1969 EDWARDS, Anne & BEYFUS, Drusilla

EDWARDS, Anne & BEYFUS, Drusilla

[361] pp.

Cassell & Company Ltd


8 5/8" x 5 7/8"

Jacket design: Roy Dewar

A witty and satirical guide to correct etiquette, covering such topics as Having People for Dinner, Tricky Foods to Eat, Going to a Top West End Hairdresser, Tipping, Television Manners, Pronunciation, Divorce, How to be a Debutante and Social Crises amongst many others, in short how to behave correctly in all circumstances. By Daily Express journalist Anne Edwards (1909-2005) and author and journalist Drusilla Beyfus (b.1927) wife of journalist and critic Milton Shulman.

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