"Alber Elbaz: Lanvin" 2012 BERTHIME, Shelly [Edited by] , DANGIN, Pascal (SOLD)

Edited by Shelly Berthime, Pascal Dangin. Photographs by But Sou Lai.

Steidl Dangin

1st Edition


11.5" x 9.5"

Siegertitel Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2013 Kategorie Fotobildbände

“I face a blank page each day and I have to fill it with a dream. That’s my work.” Alber Elbaz

In March 2002, Alber Elbaz debuted his first collection for Lanvin, the oldest couture house in Paris. One decade later, Lanvin has become one of the most coveted houses for its uniquely modern vision and desirable designs. Alber Elbaz, Lanvin documents the journey of one collection, from the first sketch to the final runway show. With the camera acting as a secret door, Alber, for the first time, invites the viewer into his own world. These images not only unveil the continuous process of design, the behind the scenes work in progress, but also the human side of creating a collection. “Each collection is always different, but the process of creating is always the same,” says Alber. The monograph is the result of a close collaboration with Pascal Dangin, who edited and created a book that transcends Alber’s vision and sensibilities – a book that needs no words. Photographer But Sou Lai’s poetic and sensitive images mirror Alber’s work. His personal, voyeuristic approach allows the viewer to share these intimate moments.

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