"Leaves From A Missionary's Notebook" 1986 TENNANT, Stephen

TENNANT, Stephen

[80] pp.

Hamish Hamilton


10 7/8" x 7"

Leaves from a Missionary's Notebook, subtitled 'The Story of Felix Littlejohn. Missionary and Explorer', was Stephen Tennant's only commercially published book. It reveals, through pictures and Tennant's swirling text, the adventures of a missionary sent to the South Seas. The residents are not however susceptible to conversion and Littlejohn is surrounded by lusty locals and beefy sailors, common motifs in Tennant's works.

Although the book was completed in 1929, it was not published until 1937. It was republished in 1986 to celebrate the author's eightieth birthday when it was banned by Lambeth libraries for it's racial stereotypes.

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