"Les Années 60 D'Anne Bony" 1983 BONY, Anne

BONY, D'Anne

[765] pp.

Editions du Regard


12 3/4" x 10"

This book introduces us to furniture and interiors designed in the 60s. It offers a wide panorama of the whole of international creation at that time. After the long period of reconstruction that followed the war, we see the emergence of a new lifestyle, influenced by the "American Way of life" of the 50s, the emergence of a consumer society. The 60s ushered in a new era: it was a period of liberation, new ideas about life and modes of expression were born. The arrival of the baby boomers, this new generation that shows a great thirst for life, has disrupted society.
In collaboration with the designers, the manufacturers introduce to the market a new aesthetic linked to a new philosophy of space. This period marks the end of rationalism, even if the utilitarian dimension retains an important place. Community life, music and liberation movements promote freedom of expression among young people. A new relationship with objects is taking hold, a sensual relationship, and the conquest of space inspires the desire to create a new world. Each chapter approaches the period from a different angle:
The first deals with the new syntax that structures the language of creation and the use of new materials that make it possible to obtain new colors and new shapes.
The second presents changes in lifestyles; new domestic behaviours, relaxed attitudes at work and at home, leisure and mass consumption.
The third focuses on changes in the representation of time and space, both microstructures and macrostructures. He thus evokes ephemeral movements, the era of electronics, serial structures, sequential constructions.
The fourth deals with anti-design, the artistic dimension of objects, gaps, poetry, pop culture, reactions against the consumer society, and the premises of a revolution.

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