"Les Vitrines Hermes Contes Nomades De Leila Menchari" GAZIER, Michele [texte de]

GAZIER, Michele [texte de]

[305] pp.


Imprimerie Nationale

13 1/8" x 11"

Stunning and glamorous are the only words to describe this amazing haute couture book featuring Hermes of Paris society window displays

Born in Tunis in 1927, Menchari began to create theater sets while studying at Beaux-Arts schools. That work became the backbone for her lifetime achievement—creating mesmerizing window displays for Hermès’s famed flagship store at 42 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Though the French luxury house, first founded in 1837 as a purveyor of equestrian equipment, had long been staging such vitrine-enclosed tableaus, Menchari’s work took such efforts to new heights, while helping to pioneer Hermès’s visual marketing strategy in the process.

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