Lester 1900 by Sir Leslie Ward

Classic Vanity Fair Men of The Day series featuring jockey Lester Reiff (No. DCCXC) 1900

Art Sz: 12 1/2"H x 7 5/8"W

Frame Sz: 18 7/8"H x 12 3/4"W

Lester Berchart Reiff (1877–1948) was an American jockey who achieved racing acclaim in the United Kingdom in the first decade of the twentieth century. In 1900, he was the number one jockey racing in Britain based on earnings, beating other prominent American jockeys such as Tod Sloan, Danny Maher, Skeets Martin and his younger brother, John Reiff, that were also racing in Britain at the time. The Reiff brothers were implicated in a horse doping scandal in late 1901, which led to the revocation of Lester Reiff's license and the end of his racing career.

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