"Marilyn: Shades Of Blonde" 1997 DOUGLAS, Carole Nelson

DOUGLAS, Carole Nelson

[352] pp.



First Edition

8 1/2" x 6"

Marilyn Monroe was an enigma. Famous, beautiful, sexy, talented, and (surprisingly) intelligent, she also exemplified unexpected characteristics of sadness, loneliness, and vulnerability that made her all the more human. Edited by romance and mystery novelist Douglas, this collection of 21 short stories by authors such as Eileen Dreyer and Nancy Pickard explores her life in imaginative ways. Each author did careful research then intertwined fact with fiction to create an engaging story. The Kennedy brothers appear in several of the tales, as well as the specter of a son given up for adoption in her youth. Whether Marilyn is saving the life of Nikita Khrushchev, witnessing the hereafter prior to her death, or being taken hostage in an unlikely heist, the legendary star comes across as a sympathetic and tragic character. Interestingly, the stories have a consistent feel in that they portray Marilyn as a waif in search of love and affection who ends up alone and unfulfilled at the hour of her death. Each story is followed by an analysis of the author's response to Marilyn, particularly her untimely death.

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