"Massaguer: Su Vida y Su Obra Autobiografia Historia Grafica Anecdotario" 1957

[32] pp.


First Edition

Cincuentenario Massagueriano 

1907 La Habana Cuba 1957

11 1/4" x 8 1/2"

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"Massaguer His Life And His Autobiography Graphic History and Anecdotal" 1907-1957 Havana Cuba 1958 dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of Conrado Walter Massaguer [Cardenas Matanzas, Cuba 1889- Havana 1965]. Cuban cartoonist and cartoonist for many Cuban and world publications, he stood out as a political cartoonist. Since the end of 1916, he had established the Union of Graphic Arts and the advertising agency Kesevén Anuncios, in 1921 he founded, together with other cartoonists, the First Exhibition of Humor and in 1923 he published his book Guignol, a collection of his caricatures. In 1929 he exhibited in Paris, at the Jean Charpentier Gallery, and from there he went to the League of Nations in Geneva, as the art editor of the King Features Syndicate. Back in Havana in 1930, a time of political crisis created by President Gerardo Machado, an administration he opposed until he had no other way out than to leave the United States of America as a political exile at the end of 1931. In 1933 he illustrated the book People Worth Talking About, by Cosmo Hamilton. In 1937, Massaguer returned for the attack as an editor with the Ten-Year-Old Parade turned into a magazine later (1947), from that moment on, he would only function in Cuban and international journalism as a cartoonist and illustrator. His works in relation to the Second World War, where he ironized about the role of the leaders of the powers involved, were significant where Double Nine stands out that recreates a game of dominoes between the couples formed by Roosevelt and Churchill (sapea Stalin) and Hitler and Mussolini (sapea Hiroíto). Double Nine was the most widely circulated cartoon of World War II. To his caricature of famous people, the collective one is also added. Of this last production is Sabbatical Table, in which he represents with unparalleled success the members of the so-called Retail Group. Massaguer died in Havana in 1965.

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