"Modern American Drinks: How To Mix And Serve All Kinds Of Cups And Drinks" 1900 KAPPELER, George J.

A Good Drink at The Propper Time Has a Welcome in Every Clime


[120] pp.

Saalfield Publishing Co


7 3/4" x 5 3/8"

An uncommon cocktail recipe book by Kappeler, the head bartender at the Holland House Hotel in New York City. First published in 1895 by Merriam Company, and then likely first published by Saalfield in 1900. From the preface: "The recipes contained in this book are for the proper mixing of all kinds of drinks, such as Absinthe, Cocktails, Cups, Crustas, Cobblers, Coolers, Egg Noggs, Fixes, Fizzes, Flips, Juleps, Lemonades, Punches, Poussé Cafe, Frozen Beverages, etc. The formulas are simple, practical, and easy to follow and are especially intended for use in first-class Hotels, Clubs, Buffets, and Barrooms, where, if adopted and concocted according to directions given, they will be entirely satisfactory to the caterer and pleasing to the consumer, the latter of whom will immediately notice a marked improvement in his favorite beverages." David Wondrich and Robert Hess have referred to the 1895 printing of this title as the first printed reference for the Old Fashioned, and Ted Haigh mentioned it in Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails as the original reference for the Widow's Kiss.

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