"Modern Classics" 1932 SANSONE, Tony

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Tony Sansone (September 19, 1905 – January 13, 1987) was an Italian-American bodybuilder and model.

Much of Tony Sansone's enduring fame in bodybuilding history was the result of his success as a model.

Sansone began modeling when he was still a teenager. During the Depression, Sansone profited by selling pictures of himself through mail-order ads. He became a much sought-after model who posed for paintings, photographs, and sculpture. He was featured on many magazine covers, both American and European. He modeled for statues by James Earle Fraser ("Meriwether Lewis;" Fraser also designed the US buffalo nickel), Arthur Lee ("Rhythm" which was created over five years, 1925–1930), and Malvina Hoffman ("Nordic Type" and "Elemental Man").

Sansone published several photo books, including Modern Classics, Rhythm, Du-ets (sic), and Nudleafs. By 1936, he had sold over 15,000 copies of Modern Classics and Rhythm combined.

Vintage homo-erotica, with series of sepia photos of male models, mostly nude, in classic poses. Sansone could very well have had an influence on Mapplethorpe.



8.25" x 6.25"

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