"My Big-Game Hunting Diary: From India And The Himalayas" 1937 APPONYI, Count Henrik

APPONYI, Count Henrik

[254] pp

Selwyn & Blount


9 1/2"x 6 1/2"

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"A Hungarian aristocrat, Apponyi died just before publication of this book. His trip to India in 1930 included a driven tiger shoot near Hyderabad, shooting blackbucks from a car with the Maharajah of Bikaner (hardly sporting!) and more tiger hunting in the Terai. His best chapters, however, describe his climbs and hunts in the Khyber highlands where trophy ibex, markhor, and urial were collected. On the frontiers of Tibet, he bagged Ovis ammon, burhel and Tibetan antelope. Some exceptionally good photos complement the text"

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