'Palaces of Rome' by Fabio Benzi

Since its very founding, Rome has been the seat of kings and popes, politics and intrigue, prelates and infamous aristocracy- and the remarkable palaces of the Eternal City testify to its magnificent history.

Built by the greatest architects of the Renaissance and Baroque, decorated by the most important artists of Italy with frescoes that are landmarks in the history of art, and filled with masterpieces of painting and decorative arts, Roman palaces are astonishing in their grandeur.

Palaces of Rome presents 24 of Rome's greatest buildings, many of which are published here for the first time.

From the Palazzo Farnese, designed by Michelangelo, where Tosca stabbed Scarpia, to the Palazzo Quirinale, once the residence of Italy's kings, and now headquarters of the President of the Republic, this is a tour of Rome's most prized possessions.

Hundreds of full-color photographs show galleries filled with paintings, soaring ceilings, rooms of state, priceless furniture set against Renaissance brocade and silk, and the text relates the fascinating history of each architectural masterpiece, each leading family and chosen architect.

Photographer Roberto Schezen spent two years obtaining permission to explore these palaces, then captured their most exciting features on film.

Palaces of Rome offers an unprecedented look at the city's richest treasures, many of which are inaccessible to visitors.

This is a book for everybody touched by the splendor of Italy, by its long history and incessant creativity, and will be cherished by architects and designers, museum-goers and travelers alike.

Fabio Benzi


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