'Paris Flea Market'

For Herbert Ypma's investigation of contemporary decorative trends in the French capital, Rene and Barbara Stoeltie have photographed some of the most remarkable and sumptuous interiors in Paris, from their own home with its plaster reliefs of Minerva and objects modeled on originals discovered at Pompeii, to the catacomb beneath the Palais Royal occupied by Denise Orsoni, who has almost single-handedly revived a taste for 1940s Parisian objects and designs.

The author identifies the historical fashions that continue to affect French decor today, exploring the influence of the Empire style and the challenge made to Parisian grandeur by the witty use of found objects.

Paris Flea Market reveals a Paris that will surprise and stimulate architects, designers, and all those with an interest in the decorative arts.

Herbert Ypma

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