"Petits Et Grands Verres Choix des Meilleurs Cocktails" PH. Le Huby

[132] pp.

7.5" x 6"

Au Sans Pareil, Paris, 1927. In-4, paperback, illustrated cover. First edition of these cocktail recipes developed by J.-E. Plowman and published anonymously under the peudonyms of Nina Toye and AH Adair. An English translation was published under the pseudonym of Philibert Le Huby. This choice includes 199 cocktails including 50 recipes with gin, 16 with whiskey, 12 with rum, 18 with cognac, 34 varied with alcohol, only 3 without alcohol, 5 juleps, 6 ice punches, 9 kinds of cups (champagne, wine, cider, sherry), 7 hot punches, 6 lemonades and orangeades, 20 various drinks, 2 non-alcoholic refreshments and 11 office liqueurs. It is illustrated by J.-E. Plowman of a large composition printed in color on the first cover of the cover and 16 drawings reproduced.

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