"Polo" 1896 BROWN, J. Moray (SOLD)

BROWN, J. Moray

Vinton & Co

2nd Edition


8" x 5.5" x 1"

[196] pp.

Illustrated by Cuthbert Bradley

This vintage book contains a detailed treatise on the game of polo, with information on rules, strategy, breeding, equipment, history, polo in other countries, famous clubs, and much more. Profusely illustrated. Contents include: "The Popularity of Polo", "Strategy, Tactics and Danger in Polo", "Letters to Young Polo Players", "About some Provincial Polo Clubs", "Polo Clubs in the World", "The Hurlington

James Moray Brown was educated at Wellington College and served in the military until his retirement in 1880, rising to the rank of 2 Lieutenant in the 79th Cameron Highlanderss. Brown was also keenly interested in sports, especially plo. He was the hunting and polo editor of LAND AND WATER and was plo manager for the Ranelagh Club, Barn Elms. Brown wrote several other books on sports: SHIKAR SKETCHES WITH NOTES ON INDIAN FIELD-SPORTS (1887), POWDER, SPUR & SPEAR: A SPORTING MEDLEY (1888), and STRAY SPORT (2 vols., 1893). A second edition of POLO was published in 1896. Brown died in 1894. This book includes, among others, the following chapters: Strategy Tactics and Danger in Polo; About Some Provincial Polo Clubs; Polo Clubs in the World; He Hurlingham Club; Rules of the Indian Polo Association; and Principal Tournaments and Winners, which lists winners from 1877 to 1894.