"Polo Ponies: Their Training And Schooling" 1933 KENDALL, Paul Green

Eight hundred and fifty copies of Polo Ponies have been printed by Eugene V. Connett at The Derrydale Press

[111] pp.

KENDALL, Paul Green

The Derrydale Press


9.5" x 6"

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Polo Ponies: Their Training And Schooling by Paul Green Kendall is a comprehensive guide to the training and schooling of polo ponies. The book covers all aspects of polo pony training, from selecting the right horse to developing the skills needed for the game. The author shares his years of experience in the sport of polo, offering insights into the psychology of the horse and the rider, as well as practical advice on training techniques, equipment, and facilities. The book includes detailed descriptions of the basic training exercises, such as lunging, long-reining, and schooling under saddle, as well as more advanced exercises for the experienced polo player. The author also covers topics such as nutrition, health care, and grooming, providing a complete guide to the care and maintenance of the polo pony. The book is illustrated with numerous photographs and diagrams, making it an essential reference for anyone involved in the training and schooling of polo ponies. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced polo player, Polo Ponies: Their Training And Schooling is an invaluable resource for improving your game and developing your skills as a rider.

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