"Polo Trophy Presentation 1933 B&W Photo" (SOLD)

A Health To The New National Champions. Westbury, L.I.

Oct 9 1933

James P. Mills, No 2, quaffing the mead of victory from his team's trophy after the Aurora Four had ridden to championship honors against "Jock" Whitney's Greentrees in the finals of the National Open Polo Matches at the Meadow Brook Club.

Captain Seymour H. Knox led the hard-riding Aurora to a 14-11 triumph.

Mrs. Seymour H. Knox presented the cup.

They are (left to right) Elmer J. Boeseke, Jr., Back: Elbridge T. Gerry Sr. No. 3; James P. Mills No. 2; Seymour H. Knox 

 6 5/8" x 8 1/2"